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China’s Bo Xilai allowed to appeal against life in jail

A court in eastern China on Wednesday allowed ousted former senior politician Bo Xilai to appeal against a guilty verdict on charges of corruption and abuse of power handed out last month which earned him a life sentence. Bo was a rising star in China’s leadership circles and cultivated a loyal following through his charisma … Continue reading

Chinese Maserati owner smashes up his luxury car

A wealthy Chinese Maserati owner hired four sledgehammer-wielding men to smash-up his $420,000 super car in protest at poor customer service. The car owner, identified as Wang, had the group attack the Maserati Quattroporte at the opening of an auto show in the eastern city of Qingdao in Shandong province, the Qingdao Morning Post said. Video images … Continue reading

China bird flu outbreak: 3 good, 3 bad and 3 very bad signs

Since the new avian flu strain H7N9 began appearing in China earlier this year, it’s infected over 100 people, killed 22, spread to five provinces plus Beijing and Shanghai and, as of Wednesday, is confirmed to have spread abroad to Taiwan. How worried should you be about this? How serious is the H7N9 outbreak? The simplest and … Continue reading

China’s first lady and famous singer: “I am always in a subordinate position”

“Are you under great pressure that your husband is always introduced as Peng Liyuan’s husband?” Well-known talk-show host Dou Wentao asked Peng Liyuan, China’s current first lady. She was at that time much more famous than her husband Xi Jinping, China’s current president and then acting governor of Fujian Province. That is a question Peng … Continue reading

Saving China with song

As China’s new president takes power, his glamorous, widely popular wife is singing her way to center stage. A little star dust from the high-profile first lady may be just what the Communist Party needs. A U.S. president married to a Hollywood celebrity would spark a full-blown media frenzy in America. But China, for one, is not … Continue reading

China: KFC chickens are being fattened with illegal drugs

Fast-food giant KFC says it will co-operate with a government investigation into the chicken sold in its outlets after a China Central Television programme last night revealed that some of KFC’s suppliers in Shandong had put illegal drugs in chickenfeed to make the birds gain weight faster. The CCTV report, which it said was based … Continue reading

China: Many freed from Beijing’s biggest ‘black jail’

Hundreds of petitioners have been released from one of Beijing’s biggest “black jails” – detention centres where people from across the country are illegally detained after petitioning against local injustices. The unusual mass release, which coincided with Tuesday’s Rule of Law Promotion Day, encouraged many petitioners, who took it as a signal that the new … Continue reading

Most Chinese cities are not coming clean on smog says survey

Despite some recent progress in Beijing and other big cities, most mainland cities have still not made a sincere effort to improve transparency about their air pollution problems, according to a study. The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs’ survey of 113 cities found 78, including many provincial capitals and major industrial hubs, had yet … Continue reading

China completes its pension system 8 years ahead of schedule

China’s Central TV (CCTV) reports: The government announced [Friday] its urban and rural residents’ pension system is now in full operation in all of China’s 2,853 county-level administrative areas. This marks the completion of the establishment of the largest pension insurance system in the world, 8 years ahead of schedule. By the end of September, … Continue reading

Officials responsible for persecuting blind activist transferred

Ming Pao says today, Shandong Province announced yesterday that Wu Pengfei was removed from his post as chief of Shandong Department of Public Security. The removal was suspected to be related to the Chen Guangcheng saga. However, there was information that Wu was appointed Shandong’s Chief Procurator in February this year. Previously Bai Jimin, former … Continue reading

Hangzhou kidney trade centre

According to Ming Pao’s exclusive report, there is a major kidney trade centre in Hangzhou, China where youngsters queue for sale of their kidneys with the mindset of making quick money. Some of them plan to use the money to repay credit card debts, others, buy motorcycles, still others fund girlfriends business or support their … Continue reading

China kidnapped by stubborn force in Party: Chen Guangcheng

Ming Pao special report: On May 25, blind rights activist Chen Guangcheng said in an interview with Radio Free Asia in New York, “Our country is now kidnapped by stubborn force in the Communist Party and the government is entirely unable to function normally under duress.” In an edited clip, Chen criticised failure of clear … Continue reading

Chen Guangcheng fights back

In his interview with Reuters, Chen Guangcheng urges China to prosecute those who harassed him in Shandong, and implement the rule of law to protect the legitimate rights of his relatives and those who helped him in his miraculous escape. As said in the post “Chen Guangcheng’s super wisdom”, he has the weapon, the information … Continue reading

Chen Guangcheng’s super wisdom

The following is a personal opinion from Chan Kai Yee, author of Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements. Chen Guangcheng certainly proved his super wisdom with his miraculous escape, but Chinese dissidents in America such as Tiananmen heroine Chai Ling were disappointed that Chen spoke positively in his meeting with the media when he arrived in America (see … Continue reading

Chen takes afternoon flight for New York, Commercial Radio

Chen Guangcheng said he takes afternoon flight for New York, Commercial Radio Hong Kong reports at 2:40 pm. He said all sorts of feelings well up in his mind when he is leaving his country. Chinese blind human rights activist Chen Guangcheng and his wife and two children are now at Beijing Airport to fly … Continue reading

Ming Pao: Chen Guangcheng may leave for USA today the earliest

Ming Pao learnt from sources that Beijing has already approved Chen’s passport application. The passports will be given to him today and he and his family will immediately be sent to the airport to begin their journey. At the same time, Beijing asked Chen to keep a low profile when he is abroad in exchange … Continue reading

Toxic pesticides used to keep ginger fresh in China

According to a special report by Hong Kong’s Ming Pao, after the scandal in Qingzhou, Shandong of keeping cabbage fresh by formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that may cause cancer, another food scandal emerged there yesterday. Mainland media exposed that the vegetable farmers there used toxic pesticide 666 powder and DDVP to keep ginger fresh. Vegetable … Continue reading

Rail officials get fired, then promoted, after fatal accident in China

Two railway officials dismissed from their posts after an accident in Shandong province four years ago, in which 72 people died, have been appointed to new senior positions, triggering an outcry online. Chen Gong , former chief of the Jinan Railway Bureau, now heads a state-owned company in charge of construction and the future management … Continue reading

Blind dissident’s plight revives China’s human rights movement

China may have sown the seeds of its next human rights row with the United States even as it looks to end the current one over blind dissident Chen Guangcheng, with its treatment of him inspiring a band of lawyers to join his human-rights battle. The tough line over Chen, whose plea for U.S. protection … Continue reading

Chen’s escape spawns conspiracy theories in China

Sino-American relations have long been plagued by unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that undermine needed efforts to develop mutual trust between the world’s two most important countries. Yet events continue to spawn intriguing speculative possibilities, and who can resist spinning out seductive hypotheses to explain apparent riddles in the behaviour of either or both governments, especially when … Continue reading

Chinese net police in fresh assault on blogs

The mainland’s internet police have struck again, closing down or suspending several popular microblogs in the past week as they step up a crackdown on online discussion of politically sensitive issues. One well-known blogger, Wang Xiaoshan , said friends told him yesterday morning that his Sina.com microblog had been closed down. He said he had … Continue reading

Bak choi found to be sprayed with formalin

Vegetable wholesalers in Shandong have been caught spraying toxic formalin on bak choi to keep them fresh in the latest food safety scandal to hit the mainland. Vendors in Qingzhou said that spraying diluted formalin on bak choi had become a common practice locally in the past three to four years, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post … Continue reading

Probe into classroom intravenous drips for Hubei pupils

Hubei officials are looking into an incident in which a class of senior high school pupils were intravenously given amino acids in a night course in preparation for the national college entrance exam, an education spokeswoman said yesterday. The bizarre incident, which was exposed when someone posted photos online of the pupils hooked up to … Continue reading

Chen applies for leaving next week, is allowed to meet friends

According to Hong Kong’s Ming Pao newspaper, this morning blind activist Chen Guangcheng says that China and America have in the main reached agreement to allow him to leave for America and that he will be allowed to meet his friends before departure. He will leave when his health has recovered. His good friend Jiang … Continue reading

China’s blind activist Chen Guangcheng may have to accept exile

Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng will be sidelined in his quest to defend human rights and press for change in China if he agrees to accept political asylum in the United States, exiled dissidents said. The combative, self-taught lawyer escaped house arrest in Shandong province last week and travelled to Beijing where he is with … Continue reading

Dried fruit is hit by food scandal

Preserved fruit is the latest addition to the mainland’s expanding list of unsafe foods, after an investigation by state television found that some were processed in filthy factories and contained excessive additives. Preserved peaches were found packed in bags that had been used to hold animal feed, and hawthorn berries were soaked in a pool … Continue reading

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