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When dealing with China, beware of those who give you cultural awareness lessons

Being a psychology graduate and an avid traveller, I’ve always been curious in how myths shape individual behaviour and perceptions of cultural identity. For example, a couple of weeks ago I was having a beer with a friend who works in the Department of Defence and he was telling me about an ethical dilemma he … Continue reading

Critics take advantage as China celebrates sensitive 64th birthday

A country’s 64th birthday is usually the sort of humdrum occasion that is briefly marked and quickly forgotten. Not so in China on Tuesday, where the sight of 64s splashed across TV screens and on billboards has been jarring for many. The number is highly charged in China due to its association with the post-Mao … Continue reading

Chinese police rescue 92 abducted children

BBC says in its report today: Chinese police have rescued 92 abducted children and held 301 suspected members of a huge trafficking network, the authorities say. They say two women were also freed in an operation involving police forces in 11 provinces of the country. The traffickers are believed to have targeted children in the … Continue reading

Rich Chinese hire American surrogate mothers for up to $120,000 a child

Surrogacy agencies in China and the United States are catering to wealthy Chinese who want a baby outside the country’s restrictive family planning policies, who are unable to conceive themselves, or who are seeking US citizenship for their children. “I would be surprised if you called me back in four months and that number hadn’t … Continue reading

China to crack down on family planning fines after abuses found

China will crack down on penalties paid by families flouting strict family planning rules after a National Audit Office probe found $260 million in fines had been levied illegally, state media reported. There has been growing public anger about the one-child policy, which was introduced in the late 1970s to prevent population growth spiralling out … Continue reading

Under cover at the Shanghai marriage market

The Shanghai Marriage Market or, to be politically correct, Matchmaking Corner, takes place every Saturday and Sunday from noon until around five in the evening. Hundreds of parents hang the “resumes” of their sons or daughters across the park and exchange contact information with parents interested in their child’s romantic credentials in order to plant … Continue reading

Chinese boy has his eyes gouged out

It’s beyond horrifying: a six-year-old Chinese boy lured into a field has his eyes gouged out by an assailant, blinding him forever — even more unthinkably, the woman suspected of committing the monstrous crime may have been trying to harvest the child’s corneas for cash. According to China state media via Reuters, the boy, who was from … Continue reading

The birds and the bees in China

The peaceful water town of Tongli is home to a museum one would not expect to find in modern mainland China: a sex museum. The sculpture in the main courtyard that depicts a very small man with deformed limbs and features, giant feet, and an enormous erect penis might give off a vulgar impression of … Continue reading

Australian law firm says world offers China shallow legal services

After unveiling a merger aimed at grabbing more of China’s legal work, King & Wood Mallesons has accused the world’s leading law firms of offering “shallow” services to Chinese clients. Global managing partner Stuart Fuller said King & Wood Mallesons was seeking to reverse the practice of foreign firms entering the China market “with fairly shallow … Continue reading

Chinese women learn how to marry ‘elite’ foreigners in 90 days

A Shanghai company offers training classes for women seeking elite Westerner husbands. Droves of women from across China flocked to Shanghai’s Love and Marriage Expo this month in hopes of learning a tip or two about how to get hitched. But Liang Yali, founder of the Seek-a-Husband Training Programme, has been teaching such skills in … Continue reading

As China’s middle class grows, so do its concerns

Beijing is facing increasing public pressure to deal with issues such as pollution, food safety and education driven by the 10 percent of its population who now count as middle class. With two cars, foreign holidays and a cook for their apartment, one Beijing family epitomizes the new middle class created by China’s decades of … Continue reading

China: unequal in death, as well as in life

The news that Guangzhou is to start building a costly cemetery exclusively for revolutionary heroes and government officials this October has stirred up something of an online controversy. With the cost of cemetery space far higher than housing, it has highlighted the increasing inequality in Chinese society – in death, as well as in life. … Continue reading

Central authority fails to face up to surge in emigration

The surge of emigration was not something that was talked about in China until yesterday. The news broke when CCTV made special footage on emigration, which indicates the seriousness of the issue. Another graver piece of news is that even CCTV dared not persuade rich people not to emigrate, but only reminded them that they … Continue reading

Danger of second Cultural Revolution as migrant workers in China are alienated

Despite spending years working in mainland cities, migrant workers still feel like outsiders. In its report titled Migrant workers feel like outsiders in mainland cities, says survey, SCMP says: “Many workers who flock to mainland cities feel alienated and have low self-esteem, says survey “Despite spending years working in mainland cities, migrant workers still feel … Continue reading

Six Chinese passengers abuse airline staff causing flight delay

Singtao Daily says in its reports that according to a Mr Huang’s post on the internet, at noon on February 13, six first-class Chinese passengers boarded the aircraft late, causing the delay of KLM flight KL898. After boarding, the six not only firmly refused to fasten their safety belts and switch off their mobile phones, … Continue reading

A Chinese rabbit hole

I wandered into a blog the other day that sent me down a rabbit hole. What is a rabbit hole you might wonder? First it IS NOT a movie starring Nicole Kidman for the purpose of my thoughts today (even though there is apparently a movie by that name); it is a colloquialism that could … Continue reading

China to improve land compensation as tensions grow

Chinese officials will this week discuss improving compensation for farmers whose land is expropriated, state media said on Monday, a move designed to try to quell growing rural anger over forced land seizures. Some academics have urged the government to grant farmers greater control over their land as tensions over the sensitive issue rise creating … Continue reading

November 12 1900 Chinese racism unacceptable at Stanford University

On November 12th 1900, the economist and sociologist Edward Alsworth Ross was forced to resign from Stanford University as Professor of Sociology. This intrusion on academic freedom, which partly led to the founding of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), clearly mixed not only intramural and extramural speech but also disciplinary and non-disciplinary speech. … Continue reading

China: Foxconn security guards beat workers resulting in riot

Global Times reports: “Foxconn was forced to shut down its plant in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Monday after a fight broke out among 2,000 of its workers late Sunday, leaving some 40 people injured, the Taiwan electronics giant said. “The brawl occurred at about 11 pm Sunday in a worker dormitory. Around 5,000 policemen were sent … Continue reading

China organ transplants involving executed inmates

On Wednesday, US lawmakers called for pressure on China to stop the use of organs from executed inmates, as experts charged that transplants had become a business that may target prisoners of conscience. At a congressional hearing, experts said the United States could act by restricting its citizens from seeking suspicious transplants overseas and by … Continue reading

Pavlov’s Dog and Good Samaritans in China

In the late nineteenth century, Ivan Potrovitch Pavlov, a Russian Physiologist conducted an experiment in which a dog was fed when a bell was rung. After dozens of feeding along with the ringing, the dog started to have heavy flows of saliva on hearing the bell, even when the food was not present. His famous … Continue reading

China’s debasement of moral values and ethical principles

I refer to the Daily Telegraph UK 2011 article Material girls that appeared on the Malaysian paper, The Star, August 26th. I was completely shocked and appalled by the said piece. Though, said article was disgusting and truly sad, nonetheless it was sad but true! The writing of Malcolm Moore was peppered by incontrovertible facts … Continue reading

Why I don’t envy North Korean activist Kim Young-hwan now detained in China

International sporting events always seem to put North Korea back in the globe. Media reports in 2010 showed the North Korean soccer team being humiliated by government officials and crowds in their country after having had to drop out of the soccer world cup in South Africa without a point. Rumours had it that the … Continue reading

Hangzhou kidney trade centre

According to Ming Pao’s exclusive report, there is a major kidney trade centre in Hangzhou, China where youngsters queue for sale of their kidneys with the mindset of making quick money. Some of them plan to use the money to repay credit card debts, others, buy motorcycles, still others fund girlfriends business or support their … Continue reading

Officials accounted for half of 800 guests to billionaire son’s luxurious wedding

According to “Xiandai Kuaibao (Modern Express)”, a subsidiary of People’s Daily in Nanjing, China, Mr Chen, a billionaire who has been doing business in Wuxi City for over two decades, gave a wedding banquet for his son at the cost of RMB300 per head the day before yesterday. Among the more than 800 guests, there … Continue reading

Doctors doubt ‘hollow vow’ on assaults after deaths

Medical professionals cast doubt on the effectiveness of a pledge to curb angry displays by relatives of patients who die unexpectedly, saying it merely paid lip-service to a practice that has seen doctors killed. In one of the latest incidents, more than 40 doctors and nurses at the privately run Baixin Hospital in Hengshan county, … Continue reading

Beijing orders legal rights event called off

Authorities in Beijing forced the cancellation yesterday of a major conference on legal protection for private industry amid heightened sensitivity over the country’s biggest political scandal in years, organisers said. A leading Beijing lawyer said legal authorities in the capital called him yesterday to demand the two-day event to be held in a hotel in … Continue reading

Blind China activist makes mystery “escape”

Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng, one of China’s most prominent human rights advocates, has escaped from home imprisonment, activists said on Friday, but uncertainty over his whereabouts and fears about his health have worried supporters. Chen, a self-schooled legal advocate who campaigned against forced abortions, had been restricted to his village home in Linyi in … Continue reading

How Many Fugitives are There in China?

In May 2011, after living in seclusion as a Buddhist Monk for the last 17 years, “Master Weidi” was arrested at the Jingsi Temple in Hangzhou. Weidi, as it turns out, was actually named Xu Xinlian (徐心联), and was a fugitive who had been on the run since 1994 for the murder of a husband, … Continue reading

Airlines can ban disabled from flights

More than half of the mainland’s 24 airlines have rules saying staff may refuse to allow disabled passengers on board if they might offend other passengers or make them uncomfortable, a recent study found. Twenty-two airlines also have rules that allow them to reject those who have not given advance notification of their disability, and … Continue reading

Hong Kong’s next chief plans to ban births by mainland women

Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s incoming chief executive, plans to ban pregnant mainlanders from giving birth in the city next year to ease pressure on strained local resources, Bloomberg reported. The ban will restrict any Hong Kong-born children of mainlanders from receiving residency. Leung said the legislation will also apply to private hospitals, though mainland mothers with … Continue reading

China to move 20,000 people at risk from Three Gorges landslides

China will relocate 20,000 people living near the Three Gorges Dam by the end of this year and five times that number by 2017 because of landslide risks caused by the world’s biggest hydropower project. State news agency Xinhua said on Wednesday that preparations had started to move a fifth of the residents of Badong … Continue reading

Bo Xilai case puts Chinese Communist Party’s solitary detention in focus

Looking at incommunicado detention in China, and discussing what Bo Xilai could face under shuanggui, a widely feared internal disciplinary action that is outside the reach of Chinese law. In China, as elsewhere, famous cases enhance popular understanding of the legal system. Just a year ago, when Beijing police detained noted Chinese artist Ai Weiwei … Continue reading

‘Roadmap’ rolled out to reform public institutions

Guidelines from the Communist Party’s top decision-making body say changes should be in place by 2020 to provide better services to the public. The central government has issued a roadmap for reforming public institutions – a large and diverse sector that is a remnant of the planned-economy era – to deepen its now decades-old market-oriented … Continue reading

Working Hard or Hardly Working? Trends in China’s Leisure Economy

The following article was translated and edited from an article that appeared in China Economic Weekly. The article analyses several findings from the 2011-2012 CCTV Economic Life Survey, in particular the dichotomy between northern and southern cities for “happiness” rankings and “leisure” rankings. The article also defines an income level “leisure time threshold” and concludes … Continue reading

April 4 1968 Martin Luther King Jr Assassinated

On April 4th 1968, just after 6 pm, Martin Luther King Jr was standing on the balcony outside his second-story room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, when he was fatally shot. The civil rights leader was in Memphis to support a sanitation workers’ strike and was on his way to dinner. A bullet struck him … Continue reading

Five million homeless after Chinese earthquake

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang has issued an urgent international appeal for 3.3 million tents and temporary shelters, to aid the 5 ½  million people left homeless in China as a result of the May 12th earthquake, and subsequent aftershocks.  More than 15 million homes were destroyed in the Chengdu based disaster, and these … Continue reading

Living On The Streets Of China

This is a personal experience. In 2003, I lived a year in China. I was teaching English, as well as researching homelessness. Which later proved ironic, as I became one of China’s homeless. A corrupt immigration police officer claimed my visa had expired, and took my passport from me. This is in violation of international … Continue reading

Makes No Scents

Every morning, I wake up, and have a shower. I use scented shampoo and scented conditioner to make my hair smell nice. I use scented soap and scented body wash to make me smell nice all over. Then I use a scented deodorant to keep me smelling nice all day. I also use a scented … Continue reading

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