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China gets Russia’s best submarine technology, as Russia seeks to avoid economic recession

The following is a translation from Chinese media: The Inquisitr said in an article titled “Russian 1650 Amur-class submarine will be given to China” on October 18: Putin hopes to partially avoid Russian economic recession by trading with China. It is believed that Putin sold China Russia’s top submarine in exchange for economic gains to … Continue reading

Chinas President seeking to overhaul military

In his bid to see China become a true superpower, President Xi Jinping has committed to a monumental task. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say he has staked his authority as president on it. Basically, he is seeking to overhaul the Chinese military, which is still largely organized as it was … Continue reading

Russia and China’s alliance is an illusion; each wants to dominate the other

On Wednesday, Russia and China signed a $400 billion dollar natural gas deal. According to Vladimir Putin, Russia’s agreement to sell 38 billion cubic meters of gas to China is “the biggest contract in the history of the gas sector of the former USSR.” Putin’s Soviet reference can’t help but remind observers of the days … Continue reading

Is this the end? China’s ‘Jade Rabbit’ rover hops to a halt

China’s lunar rover appears not to be as agile or as long-lived as its name implies. The Jade Rabbit, named after a mythical lunar bunny who mixes elixirs of immortality, has experienced a mechanical abnormality resulting from the “complicated lunar surface environment,” the official Xinhua news agency reported over the weekend, citing China’s state space agency. Deployed … Continue reading

China successfully soft-lands probe on the moon

China on Saturday successfully carried out the world’s first soft landing of a space probe on the moon in nearly four decades, state media said, the next stage in an ambitious space program that aims to eventually put a Chinese astronaut on the moon. The unmanned Chang’e 3 lander, named after a mythical Chinese goddess … Continue reading

Paranoia from Soviet Union collapse haunts China’s Communist Party

Party cadres made to watch documentaries on failure of Russian communism, by new leader determined not to see history repeat Cary Huang In the heyday of Sino-Soviet socialist brotherhood in the 1950s, Chinese liked to say that “today’s Soviet Union is tomorrow’s China”, as Beijing faithfully followed Moscow’s every footstep in development. But since the … Continue reading

India buys a third aircraft carrier amid rivalry with China

India has heightened its rivalry with China by taking possession of its third aircraft carrier, a refurbished Soviet-era vessel. The £1.4bn ($2.3bn) aircraft carrier, handed over at a north Russian shipyard, will help India to counterbalance the expansion of the Chinese navy. The 45,000-tonne ship, built in the final years of the Soviet Union and named … Continue reading

China buys 3 million hectares of Ukraine farmland; 5% of country

Ukraine to be China’s largest overseas farmer. Three million hectares will eventually be used to provide grain and meat for Chinese consumers China will plough billions of yuan into farmland in Ukraine that will eventually become its biggest overseas agricultural project. The move is a significant step in China’s recent efforts to encourage domestic companies … Continue reading

China’s air travelers forced to take high-speed rail

It is really fascinating that there has been so much bad news in China now. Take transportation for example, on July 12 there was an SCMP report Chinese airports the worst when it comes to delays. The next day, there was another SCMP report “Chinese airlines to face tough penalties for delays.” One of the reports … Continue reading

China’s only good news is bad news from elsewhere

China‘s appearance in international headlines thus far in 2013 has often been because of quality of life issues. The year began with reports of unusually high smog levels in Beijing and images of massive numbers of dead pigs clogging Shanghai waterways. Next came stories of a run on milk-powder supplies in Hong Kong, triggered by ongoing … Continue reading

Greatest danger for China and the world: Reemergence of a tyrant

Sinocentric Cosmology: China has a long history of regarding itself as the centre of the world due to its ignorance of the existence of the other parts of the world that were much larger and even stronger than it. It paid dearly for such ignorance and arrogance in being bullied for more than a century … Continue reading

China to build six aircraft carriers by 2020

Elite Reference magazine says in its report Frigates of Chinese aircraft carrier battle group secretly assembled at the military port for aircraft carriers, “The Soviet aircraft carrier Ulyanovsk, though failed to be commissioned, leaves experience and lessons which may provide China reference in China’s pursuit of nuclear aircraft carriers.” I have revealed in my posts that … Continue reading

Space plays a growing role in U.S.-China security talks

Space is playing an increasing role in security talks between the United States and China, although no formal dialogue dedicated to space security has begun, a senior U.S. State Department official said on Thursday. “Over the past year or so, space has been included in an increasing way and we hope to continue those discussions … Continue reading

China’s version of Russia’s Su-34 bomber will finish wind tunnel test soon

Russian Military Industry Complex network reported on April 9: China is developing the J-17, a tactical bomber similar to the Russian Su-34. The reporter has learnt from Russian Zhukovsky Central Aerodynamic Research Institute that at present, a tunnel test for the model of the J-17 bomber will soon be completed. China has already had the … Continue reading

China’s Central Asia problem

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, China and its Central Asian neighbours have developed a close relationship, initially economic but increasingly also political. Energy, precious metals, and other natural resources flow into China from the region. Investment flows the other way, as China builds pipelines, power lines and transport networks linking Central Asia to … Continue reading

The US Navy: Impotent in the South China Sea dispute

Though we have fewer ships than we did in 1916…we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater…. The question is not a game of battleship, where we’re counting ships. It’s what are … Continue reading

China’s evolving core security needs: Active defence or subtle offence?

A blueprint of China’s future defence framework was outlined by outgoing President Hu Jintao in his report delivered to the 18th Communist Party of China Congress last November. It called for the creation of a national defence and armed forces commensurate to China’s standing, enabling it to address the country’s security challenges which continuously grow … Continue reading

China: Local secret police beat petitioner to death

The People’s Republic of China is a police state, a copy of the police state of the Soviet Union, as most of the first generation of Chinese Communist Party leaders were trained by the Soviet Union. The rule of law China wants to establish now is impossible if the mafia-style secret police are not  removed … Continue reading

“Flying Shark” J-15 flies for China

China has shown the world the navy fighter J-15, called the “Flying Shark.” The plane, a copy of the Russian Su-33, will soon be the strength of the Chinese military. On Sunday morning, it landed for the first time on the newly commissioned aircraft carrier “Liaoning”. The Chinese military say it is as good as … Continue reading

China: Party leaders pay lip service to tackling corruption

Hu Jintao’s warning on corruption may have sounded stern, but seems hollow given it has been trotted out myriad times by previous top party officials. The warning by Communist Party general secretary Hu Jintao on Thursday that the party’s failure to tackle graft could result in the “fall of the state and party” may have … Continue reading

Chinese nationalists covet Japan’s Okinawa

In the over a century when China was weak and bullied by foreign powers, it claims to have lost quite large parts of its territories, including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Hong Kong and Macao, and 3 million square kilometres to Russia. This last was Mongolia, a part of China, which China was forced by the … Continue reading

October 1 1949 Mao Zedong proclaims People’s Republic of China

Originally posted on Craig Hill Training Services:
Mao Zedong proclaims People’s Republic of China On October 1st 1949, naming himself head of state, communist revolutionary Mao Zedong officially proclaimed the existence of the People’s Republic of China; Zhou Enlai was named premier. The proclamation was the climax of years of battle between Mao’s communist forces…

China at crossroad: risk of disintegration

The disintegration of the giant Soviet Union took everyone by surprise. The reasons for the disintegration remain a mystery for most analysts. Perhaps we Chinese, with a history of quite a few disintegrations, may understand it better. Like China with a long history of feudal autocracy, in the Soviet Union, there was not only a … Continue reading

Vietnam speaks about Cam Ranh Bay, South China Sea

Vietnam‘s Cam Ranh Bay has played a central role in major regional conflicts of the past century and the US defence secretary’s visit last week put it centre stage again as the battle for influence in the South China Sea hots up. Vietnam’s priorities for the opening up of Cam Ranh Bay are intriguing. As … Continue reading

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