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Rising India is vital to allied hopes to contain China

With Australia firmly in the geopolitical mix, no one is publicly talking about China and containment, but all strategies are going in that direction. A recent cover of India Today magazine has Prime Minister Narendra Modi dressed up as Superman, fist outstretched, flying around the planet and restoring his country to its rightful position as … Continue reading

Why the bear is back in Vietnam – Russia assisting Vietnam in South China Sea dispute

Russia-Vietnam ties that seemed to be cooling after the end of the Cold War are warming up all over again. More than 20 years after Moscow abandoned its largest foreign base, Russian military aircraft are once again welcome visitors at Cam Ranh Bay. The renewed Russian presence in Vietnam has predictably set the alarm bells … Continue reading

China condemns US for supplying weapons to ISIS

The following is based on a translation of a report in Chinese media: The US reports that it is rushing weapons to Iraq to fight against ISIS, but Chinese media condemns the US, saying they are giving weapons to ISIS to fight against the US and its allies. Huanqiu.com published quite a few photos of … Continue reading

How U.S. and China may administer the “Six Wars”

The Indian Defence Review recently published the English translation of a hawkish article “Six Wars China is Sure to Fight in the Next 50 Years” [Note 1] which was first presented by Chinanews.com in Beijing on July 5, 2013 [Note 2].  This article states that China will fight in 2020-60 to regain the territories lost … Continue reading

China tells Vietnam it wants peace in South China Sea

Chinese President Xi Jinping told his visiting Vietnamese counterpart on Wednesday that maintaining peace and stability in the contested South China Sea was vital for both countries, who should remember their traditional friendship. Beijing‘s assertion of sovereignty over a vast stretch of the South China Sea has set it directly against Vietnam and the Philippines, … Continue reading

Vietnam accuses China of firing on fishing boat

Vietnam has accused a Chinese vessel of firing on a Vietnamese fishing boat in the disputed South China Sea and setting its cabin alight, exposing tensions in the region over rival claims to the gas-rich waters. The government described the incident as “very serious” and lodged a formal complaint with the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi. … Continue reading

Vietnam speaks about Cam Ranh Bay, South China Sea

Vietnam‘s Cam Ranh Bay has played a central role in major regional conflicts of the past century and the US defence secretary’s visit last week put it centre stage again as the battle for influence in the South China Sea hots up. Vietnam’s priorities for the opening up of Cam Ranh Bay are intriguing. As … Continue reading

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