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China’s outrageous threats to the Wall Street Journal

Facing Chinese threats to disrupt the Wall Street Journal’s operations, the Trump administration should warn that it will retaliate against any Chinese action directed toward the publication. The Chinese Communist Party is upset over Walter Russell Mead’s recent Wall Street Journal column “China is the real sick man of Asia.” China says that the column … Continue reading

Chengdu man uncovers 800-year-old terracotta figurine after peeing on the side of the road

While peeing in public may be frowned upon in many places, mainlanders apparently take a slightly more tolerant attitude to the practice. In Hong Kong, this cultural clash has led to a number of altercations after mainland parents let their children relieve themselves in the territory’s streets. But at times, evacuating one’s bladder in public apparently can … Continue reading

An open letter to the Chinese Communist Party concerning press freedom in Hong Kong

Dear Chinese Communist Party, I’m not one of those Americans who thinks the way we do things in ‘Murica is always better than the way others do them, but when it comes to propagandising and controlling its population…well…USA #1!. Comparing the elegant sophistication of the US authorities to the brutishness of the Chinese is like … Continue reading

China hopes to snatch sales from US with J-31 4th-generation fighter jet

Huanqiu.com says in an article by its special military commentator Lei Ze, “In the afternoon of August 23, test flight of the J-31 ‘Gyrfalcon’ fourth-generation stealth fighter was carried out again. Sources say that recently the fighter has been tested with unusually great frequency. The said the test flight followed those on August 8 and … Continue reading

China’s export boom that wasn’t; fabricated trade figures

A close reading of the numbers suggests accounting tricks have played a significant role in China’s economic data. Chinese government figures showing a 19.8 percent rise in the country’s exports for the three months to February were definitely puzzling. Due to lackluster demand from the U.S. and Europe, and banks being unwilling to lend to … Continue reading

Write about China and you can expect to be hacked

At least if you write about Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao… The morning edition of my Washington Post claims Chinese hackers penetrated its computer systems as early as 2008 or 2009. Security precautions were implemented by the Post late in 2011 by its cybersecurity contractor, Mandiant. This follows reports by the New York Times  (January 30) that it, and other … Continue reading

China: Murder victim Neil Heywood ‘was MI6 informant’

Neil Heywood, the British businessman murdered in China, regularly provided information on Bo Xilai, the powerful politician, to MI6 before he was killed, a new report has claimed. The revelation in the Wall Street Journal raises new questions about the motives for Mr Heywood’s killing, and about the reaction to his death by the British … Continue reading

China will finance Laos rail link

Laotian officials announced Thursday that China and Laos have agreed on a railway project that would cross the Laotian highlands to the Chinese border. The Wall Street Journal reports: “Laos’s Energy and Mining Minister Soulivong Dalavong said in an interview that under the new agreement, which is expected to be signed within days, Chinese banks … Continue reading

Yahoo in talks to sell 15-25 percent of Alibaba

Yahoo Inc could be weeks away from selling 15 to 25 percent of Alibaba Group’s stock back to China‘s largest e-commerce company, in a deal designed to eliminate complexities that had scuttled the parties’ previous negotiations, a person familiar with the matter said. The two companies have been in talks for a month, the person … Continue reading

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