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China’s dilemma: How to discipline 90 million people

China’s extensive crackdown on government corruption, which has already ensnared hundreds of thousands of officials in the People’s Republic, is now spilling over the country’s borders. The State Department recently confirmed that China’s legal authorities had provided a list of 150 corrupt Chinese officials believed to be hiding in the United States, and vowed cooperation … Continue reading

Corrupt officials planning to assassinate China’s president

President Xi Jinping of China and his top graft-buster Wang Qishan may be targeted by assassination attempts from corrupt officials who have been allegedly buying high-powered sniper rifles from the United States, reports Boxun News, a US-based citizen journalism outlet with a reputation for releasing “insider” reports on Chinese politics. According to a Boxun reporter … Continue reading

Can China eliminate inveterate corruption after so many centuries?

Zhao Kuangying (927-976), the founding emperor of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) , ordered all the succeeding emperors to promise by oath to respect intellectuals. As a result, Song emperors themselves received good education and were fond of intellectuals. However, they went too far and put academic and artistic achievements above moral integrity. There are the … Continue reading

How U.S. and China may administer the “Six Wars”

The Indian Defence Review recently published the English translation of a hawkish article “Six Wars China is Sure to Fight in the Next 50 Years” [Note 1] which was first presented by Chinanews.com in Beijing on July 5, 2013 [Note 2].  This article states that China will fight in 2020-60 to regain the territories lost … Continue reading

Chinese officials find misbehavior now carries cost

The Chinese have become largely inured to tales of voracious officials stockpiling luxury apartments, $30,000 Swiss watches or enough stolen cash to buy their mistress a Porsche. “Something has shifted,” Zhu Ruifeng, a Beijing journalist who has exposed more than a hundred cases of alleged corruption, said of how quickly officials are now responding to … Continue reading

China’s Communist Party changes style in effort to win back ‘lost trust’

The Communist Party’s new leadership is certainly wielding a new broom when it comes to revamping the working style of top officials. Just over a fortnight after they assumed control of the world’s largest political party, general secretary Xi Jinping , Politburo Standing Committee No 2 Li Keqiang and party discipline chief Wang Qishan have … Continue reading

China: Anti-corruption tsar hears calls for transparency

China’s ruling elite should be forced to disclose their assets, according to proposals put to the new anti-corruption tsar, it was reported on Monday as news of another graft scandal broke. Pressure on the Communist Party to combat corruption has intensified after a traumatic year marked by embarrassing revelations of top-level corruption and power abuse. … Continue reading

Anyone expecting big China reforms is in for a massive disappointment

China has wrapped up its 18th Congress and it is now clear who will be leading the world’s second largest economy.Xi Jinping was named the Head of China’s Communist Party (CPC) and chairman of the country’s Central Military Commission. In the new year, he will officially take over as president of the country from Hu … Continue reading

China names conservative, older leadership

China’s ruling Communist Party unveiled an older, conservative leadership line-up on Thursday that appears unlikely to take the drastic action needed to tackle pressing issues like social unrest, environmental degradation and corruption. New party chief Xi Jinping, premier-in-waiting Li Keqiang and vice-premier in charge of economic affairs Wang Qishan, all named as expected to the … Continue reading

China’s new leadership lineup; cautious reformist or conservative?

In its report yesterday entitled Cautious reformers tipped for new China leadership, Reuters lists ten main candidates for the party’s next Politburo Standing Committee based on information from sources close to the leadership. Reuters provides the reform credentials of the ten, one by one, and concludes that the Committee will mainly consist of cautious reformists. … Continue reading

China’s reserve of talented leaders: Wang Yang

I was quite impressed when SCMP reported that, in a speech in May, Wang Yang expressed the view: “The party can’t make you (citizens) happy.” He said, “We should eradicate the wrong concept that happiness is a benevolent gift from the party and the government.” SCMP said in its report, “The remarks represent a departure … Continue reading

China’s reserve of talented leaders: Wang Qishan

In my post yesterday, I quoted Deng Yuwen’s article on the serious problems China faces including “stagnant economic restructuring, pollution, income disparity, the notoriously outdated family planning and household registration polices, a looming energy crisis, moral degradation and the country’s battered international image.” China is unfortunately not a strong democracy like the US with fine-quality … Continue reading

Yomiuri Shimbun: List of 10 candidates for Politburo Standing Committee

Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun said yesterday that there will be 10 candidates for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Politburo Standing Committee, but former Chongqing boss Bo Xilai is not in the list. According to the paper’s report from Beijing, the 10 in the list are: Vice President Xi Jinping, Vice Premiers Li Keqiang and Wang Qishan, … Continue reading

Li Keqiang primed to succeed Wen Jiabao as Premier of China

The state media’s unusually extensive coverage of Li Keqiang‘s European tour showed the vicepremier remains well positioned to succeed Wen Jiabao as premier despite rumours to the contrary, analysts said. State broadcaster CCTV featured several lengthy and detailed reports on Li’s nine-day trip during its prime-time news programmes, while the overseas edition of People’s Daily … Continue reading

US Treasury Secretary Geithner says yuan rise would aid reforms

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said further appreciation in the yuan is important to aid a reshaping of China‘s economy as significant as the nation’s opening of its markets in the 1970s. “A stronger, more market-determined” currency would “reinforce China’s reform objectives of moving to higher value-added production, reforming the financial system and encouraging domestic … Continue reading

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