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Japan’s actions are aimed at USA rather than China

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and not necessarily those of China Daily Mail. Shinzo Abe‘s affront seems to be aimed at China. However, for my part, I consider his action is planned to keep the USA force out of East Asia. I am a Chinese person, and acknowledge that … Continue reading

Ex China premier Wen Jiabao states innocence in letter to Hong Kong columnist

Former premier Wen Jiabao has insisted on his innocence and integrity in a letter to a Hong Kong newspaper columnist in a bid to contain damage from claims that his extended family accumulated massive wealth during his tenure at the top. “I have never been involved and would not get involved in one single deal … Continue reading

China renews press cards for Bloomberg and New York Times reporters

The Chinese government has renewed the press accreditations for journalists from Bloomberg News and several New York Times reporters, a journalists’ group said on Thursday. Foreign journalists from the two media organisations had feared they may have to leave China after the government gave no indication it would grant them their accreditations, a move criticized … Continue reading

Facebook and other banned sites to be accessible in China free trade zone

Facebook, Twitter and other websites deemed sensitive and blocked by the Chinese government will be accessible in a planned free-trade zone (FTZ) in Shanghai, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday. Citing unidentified government sources, the Hong Kong newspaper also said authorities would welcome bids from foreign telecoms firms for licences to provide Internet … Continue reading

China’s economic slowdown is precisely what Xi Jinping wants

“Those who live in worries and hardship survive while those who live in ease and pleasure perish,” says Chinese sage Mencius. In Reuters’ report titled Ditch the stats: China retailers don’t buy signs of recovery, it says that recent improved government data are perhaps inaccurate and do not mean that there is any success in the … Continue reading

China’s reverse imperialism – West contains China’s East, China moves West

The US still has not learned that China does not move in a linear, predictable, pattern. As the US and its allies gain geopolitical ground in the Pacific and power balancing shapes a semi-circle in China’s East, China projects its influence out West. Critics may call it reverse imperialism. This is not just a “backdoor” … Continue reading

While Belarus borrows, China makes money

China is building an entire city in the forests near the Belorussian capital Minsk to create a manufacturing springboard between the European Union and Russia. Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko allotted an area 40 percent larger than Manhattan around Minsk’s international airport for the $5 billion development, which will include enough housing to accommodate 155,000 people, … Continue reading

Pentagon paying China to carry top secret data

Over the past few years, US politicians have expressed serious concerns that far too much sensitive information passes through the hands of companies and agencies located in China. In spite of that, the Pentagon – starved for satellite bandwidth – has decided to pay a Chinese satellite firm to help it communicate and share data … Continue reading

North Korea’s relations with China and the U.S.

“While the dropping flowers pine for love, the heartless brook babbles on.” It is a well-known Chinese saying that was often used in Chinese old fictions when describing the failure of a lovely girl in pursuing a heartless boy. In my post China’s Greater Asia co-prosperity sphere I said that China wants to set a North … Continue reading

Authority of imperial sword needed to deal with corruption in China

Singtao Daily says today, “After Xi Jinping issued his eight regulations to establish his image, there are still a large number of officials who dare to violate discipline. The Central Discipline Inspection Commission issued a circular yesterday on six typical cases of violation of the rules and stressed the need to further tighten up discipline. … Continue reading

Saving China with song

As China’s new president takes power, his glamorous, widely popular wife is singing her way to center stage. A little star dust from the high-profile first lady may be just what the Communist Party needs. A U.S. president married to a Hollywood celebrity would spark a full-blown media frenzy in America. But China, for one, is not … Continue reading

China: Purge of unqualified members is a hard battle for the Party’s survival

In 2001, Gordon Chang predicted in his book “The Coming Collapse of China” that China would collapse within ten years. Ten years later China did not collapse, but instead became even more prosperous. I said in the first edition (writing of the second edition will soon finish) of my book “Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements:” “Gordon Chang … Continue reading

India-China ties under new Chinese leadership

China, which already has a new party leadership since the Party Congress in November last, will be having a new State leadership from next month. Xi Jinping, who took over as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chairman of its Central Military Commission (CMC) in November last, will be … Continue reading

Write about China and you can expect to be hacked

At least if you write about Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao… The morning edition of my Washington Post claims Chinese hackers penetrated its computer systems as early as 2008 or 2009. Security precautions were implemented by the Post late in 2011 by its cybersecurity contractor, Mandiant. This follows reports by the New York Times  (January 30) that it, and other … Continue reading

China sends mixed messages

After last year’s leadership transition, many U.S. firms doing business in China hoped to see an expansion of trade and an easing of regulations in 2013. The sudden openness of the Chinese media and Xi Jinping’s apparent crackdown on corruption has fueled this speculation. Unfortunately, this year is shaping up to be nearly as vexing … Continue reading

Where’s Bo Xilai? The case of China’s glamour couple

Compared to almost a year ago, the glamorous couple Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai have disappeared into oblivion. Bo Xilai – former ambitious mayor of the Manchurian port of Dalian and urbane Commerce Minister of China – had aspirated on the highest levels of power before his deep fall as power-conscious party leader in the megacity of Chongqing. In … Continue reading

China-Laos high-speed railway link meets fierce western opposition

According to Ming Pao’s exclusive report, Indochina has become an emerging hot spot for investment as Southeast Asian countries hope to establish an economic commonwealth by 2015. In 2006, about 20 Asian countries signed an agreement on an Asian railway network. The China–Laos high-speed railway will be part of the network. For China, the railway … Continue reading

China to reform controversial forced labour camps

China will reform its controversial system of forced labour camps this year, state media reported on Monday, which would mark a first step toward legal reform promised by new Communist Party chief Xi Jinping. China’s “re-education through labour” system, in place since 1957, empowers police to sentence petty criminals to up to four years’ confinement … Continue reading

Chinese navy buildup no threat to US, but a possible threat to Japan

SCMP’s report entitled “As China’s navy grows, end of Deng’s dictum of keeping a low profile?” says, “Obama’s re-election means he can continue the strategic shift towards the Asia-Pacific region that started during his first term, which will see 60 per cent of US warships move to the region by the end of the decade. … Continue reading

New York Times journalist forced to leave China

China apparently expelled a New York Times journalist after the paper ran a damaging report about the hidden wealth of outgoing premier Wen Jiabao and his family. Australian national Chris Buckley, who recently re-joined The New York Times after working as a correspondent for Reuters, left Beijing on Monday evening with his family after his application … Continue reading

The ABC of China politics in 2012

It was supposed to be a momentous year – a major leadership change on the centenary of the last emperor’s abdication. But 2012 turned out to be a mess for China. It squabbled with neighbours on a seemingly unceasing series of spats over disputed territories. Its biggest political star was purged amid a murder scandal … Continue reading

Chinese officials find misbehavior now carries cost

The Chinese have become largely inured to tales of voracious officials stockpiling luxury apartments, $30,000 Swiss watches or enough stolen cash to buy their mistress a Porsche. “Something has shifted,” Zhu Ruifeng, a Beijing journalist who has exposed more than a hundred cases of alleged corruption, said of how quickly officials are now responding to … Continue reading

Chinese state secrets revealed: Details of leaders’ families

China’s top two leaders have revealed photographs and details of their families, breaking a long-held taboo where such information is considered a state secret. In a surprise move, clearly for boosting their public support, the official Xinhua news agency released previously unpublished photographs of Communist Party chief Xi Jinping and incoming premier Li Keqiang late … Continue reading

China economy shows signs of strength

China released a series of figures on Sunday showing continued economic strength as it prepares for new leaders tasked with sustaining the country’s dramatic growth. There was a double-digit increase in production at factories, workshops and mines for the first time since March, the National Bureau of Statistics said, a strong sign the country is … Continue reading

China pledges rural reforms to boost incomes, consumption

China will give farmers better protection over the land they till, raise their incomes and improve public services for them to help close the gap with urban areas and narrow the rich-poor divide. The government will ensure farmers earn “reasonable returns” from planting crops and increase agricultural subsidies, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Dec. … Continue reading

Li Keqiang’s roadmap on further economic reform in China

According to Singtao Daily’s comprehensive report, on November 21, just one week after being reelected into the Politburo Standing Committee that ensures his succession to retiring premier Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang pointed out at a working conference on pilot projects of reform that reform is China’s greatest bonus. Li said, “We must and can only … Continue reading

Premier Wen shows China’s best face to the world

SCMP reports: “The image projected by Premier Wen Jiabao on his many travels abroad, analysts say, fits in with China‘s attempts to project its soft power. “When Premier Wen Jiabao went overseas he would often seize the chance to show the personable side of the Chinese leadership to overseas audiences, who sometimes perceive it as … Continue reading

Did news story on riches of China’s Premier weaken reformists?

The hot pot of Chinese politics is still boiling madly after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party and the leadership transition that took place in Beijing on November 14, 2012. Many see the composition of the new Politburo Standing Committee as a defeat for outgoing President Hu Jintao, who failed to see his … Continue reading

Chinese Premier’s first public response to New York Times report

According to Singtao Daily, regarding the report earlier that his family has huge wealth, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao quoted Qu Yuan’s Li Sao (the greatest poem by one of the three greatest Chinese poets) “Stick to purity and die for righteousness, For this was what the ancient sages taught.” He made the quote when he … Continue reading

An arms-buying spree across South-East Asia as neighbours try to counter China

An arms-buying spree across south-east Asia will be the elephant in the room when almost 20 world leaders meet in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, on Tuesday. Defence spending across the region increased 13.5 per cent to US$25.4 billion (A$24.5 billion) last year and was expected to rise again by 2016, the Stockholm International Peace … Continue reading

Six Politburo Standing Committee members are not technocrats

In a noticeable break from the past two decades of Communist Party leadership, dominated by technocrats, six of the seven members of the new China Politburo Standing Committee, the party’s top decision-making body, trained in social sciences and the humanities. Analysts said the top leaders’ educational backgrounds would have a bearing on their outlook and … Continue reading

Asean demands maritime talks on South China Sea

Southeast Asian nations displayed a rare show of unity yesterday against China‘s sweeping maritime claims, calling for the first formal talks with Beijing over a sea dispute that has raised tensions and exposed deep divisions in the region. As Chinese premier Wen Jiabao arrived in Cambodia for meetings with Southeast Asian leaders, the 10-member Asean … Continue reading

China: Jiang Zemin proves his core status by winning the game of thrones

Jiang Zemin has again proved his dominance as the core of the party’s third collective leadership by obtaining a much bigger majority in China’ new Politburo Standing Committee (PSC). In its report Jiang Zemin faction wins in China’s game of thrones SCMP says: “The former president outmanoeuvred his successor Hu Jintao, who only got one … Continue reading

“Chinese Carla Bruni” and English teacher; the two new most important women of China

Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, who in March will take on the offices of president and prime minister respectively of China, are very different from each other. Even more contrast with are their their wives, known across the country as a star of folk song and a modest academic professor. 59-year-old Xi was on Thursday … Continue reading

China’s best-educated leader

Li Keqiang, who in March will probably become Prime Minister of China, graduated from law school and obtained his doctorate in economics at the prestigious Peking University, making him the best-educated leader in the history of the PRC. 57-year-old Li currently holds the Deputy Prime Minister position, but his entry into the powerful Standing Committee … Continue reading

Leaders of China, Japan will attend ASEAN, East Asia Summits in Cambodia

The leaders of two of Cambodia’s biggest donor countries, China and Japan, will attend the upcoming ASEAN and East Asia Summits in Phnom Penh. The leaders of the 10 ASEAN countries and other Asian leaders will be joined by Russia, the US and India in these major regional summits in Phnom Penh on November 18 … Continue reading

China’s Wen Jiabao determined to bow out fighting

Premier Wen Jiabao has made a final push for political reform before giving up his party leadership post, urging his successors to revive long-stalled efforts to develop democracy and promote the rule of law. “[The party] should make a particular effort to promote the reform of the leadership system of the party and the country, … Continue reading

China’s economic growth at stake as Communist Party meets

As an investor I track the Chinese economic scene to position my portfolio for the turns that China will put to my profits. China’s Communist Party gathers today in Beijing to choose its fifth generation of leaders since taking power in 1949, a decision that will shape the nation’s economic and financial policies for the … Continue reading

Decoding China’s core interests – an analysis.

The over-all core interest doctrine of China, which evolved under the outgoing leadership of Hu Jintao, is likely to continue after Xi Jinping takes over from Mr Hu. The 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which completed its term at Beijing on November 4, 2012, did not throw much light on any changes … Continue reading

Fight corruption, top public message to 18th Congress

Ming Pao says in its exclusive report: Three official nets have been soliciting public messages to the 18th Congress. Corruption is the greatest concern. Mao worship does not lack support. In the report, it says, “Three major Chinese official nets have set their columns of messages to the 18th Congress to collect public opinions. ‘Fighting … Continue reading

China: Wen Jiabao calls for party probe into ‘hidden fortune’

SCMP reports: “Premier requests top-level inquiry into claims of US$2.7b assets and is reported to be pushing for long-overdue ‘sunshine law‘ to be put into effect “The communist party leadership has launched a probe into the alleged family wealth of Wen Jiabao at the premier’s request, according to sources. “In a letter submitted to the … Continue reading

China’s non-manufacturing industries expand at a faster pace

China’s non-manufacturing industries expanded at a faster pace in October, adding to evidence the world’s second-biggest economy is recovering after a seven- quarter slowdown. The purchasing managers’ index rose to 55.5 from 53.7 in September, the National Bureau of Statistics and China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said in Beijing today. A reading above 50 … Continue reading

China: Websites often critical of Beijing challenge NYT report on Wen Jiabao

SCMP says in its report titled Web sites often critical of Beijing challenge report on Wen Jiabao’s family wealth: “Independent media based in free democracies are usually quick to jump on sensational scandals involving political leaders. “But some overseas Chinese media took a very different approach to a recent report targeting the family of Premier Wen … Continue reading

From lawyer to leader, Li Keqiang will be China’s best-educated leader yet

SCMP’s Cary Huang reports from Beijing: “The next premier is likely to be the best educated since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, with Vice-Premier Li Keqiang, who holds postgraduate degrees in law and economics from prestigious Peking University, due to succeed Premier Wen Jiabao in March. “At university, Li studied the ideas … Continue reading

China: Wen Jiabao’s opportunity for openness

In a column article, Wang Xiangwei, SCMP’s editor-in-chief says: “Allegations that the Wen family has accumulated US$2.7b may support those who argue for public disclosure of officials‘ private assets” “For decades, overseas media have run countless articles containing serious allegations of political and commercial corruption against high-ranking Chinese officials. But for reasons beyond comprehension, mainland … Continue reading

China: Wen family hits back at ‘lies’ on hidden fortune

In my post entitled Chinese censors block New York Times on October 27, I said, NYT’s report “must be well founded. Otherwise, the people who think that their worth is exaggerated will come out to reveal the true value of their assets. “Since it is true, the Chinese authorities simply resort to wide-ranging censorship to … Continue reading

China: Wen Jiabao “hidden riches” don’t exist, say lawyers

Lawyers for Wen Jiabao, China‘s Premier, have taken the unprecedented step of issuing a written statement late last night rebuking the claims of the New York Times that Wen’s family have amassed a hidden fortune worth US$2.7 billion. In a letter sent to the New York Times and the South China Morning Post, Bai Tao and … Continue reading

China and Malaysia: Sugar and frozen durian

Knowledge is empowering. Reading is knowledge. Recently, the Malaysian government offended Robert Kuok As a result, the Malaysian economy suffered a great blow! After the official Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao‘s visit to Malaysia, the Najib government now really understands Robert Kuok’s influence in China! In order to benefit their cronies, they arm twisted to swallow … Continue reading

China: Billions in hidden riches for Wen Jiabao’s family

New York Times reports from Beijing: “The mother of China’s prime minister was a schoolteacher in northern China. His father was ordered to tend pigs in one of Mao’s political campaigns. And during childhood, ‘my family was extremely poor,’ the prime minister, Wen Jiabao, said in a speech last year. But now 90, the prime … Continue reading

Chinese censors block New York Times

According to New York Times, Wen Jiabao’s family controlled assets worth US$2.7 billion dollars. It must be well founded. Otherwise, the people who think that their worth is exaggerated will come out to reveal the true value of their assets. Since it is true, the Chinese authorities simply resort to wide-ranging censorship to cover it … Continue reading

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